Blog Posts in 2013

If man makes it, don't eat it. - Jack Lalanne

Today let's talk about what you're putting into your body. You are what you eat, as the old saying goes, so why not be made of something good? But what is "good" anymore? There is so ...
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Getting in Shape???

Many people across the country are trying to get in shape. People everyday are either starting new exercise programs, setting new exercise goals, or getting new gym memberships. Wanting to exercise ...
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4 Life Essentials

Thanks to Dr. C and his regular talks on the 4 essentials to life for inspiring this weeks blog! We all know that without certain things in life, we cannot survive for very long. They are of course ...
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What is Lower Cross Syndrome???

How many times have you reached for something and your low back locks up? When you lift or pick something or someone up your low back catches? Do you suffer from low back, leg, knee, or foot pain? If ...
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How to Explain Chiropractic (and pain management) in an Elevator

I can easily imagine a die-hard chiropractic fan selling his elevator companions on the wonders of chiropractic and pain management. He gets on the elevator with a coworker at the top floor, already ...
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Manage Your Pain Better in 2013

Health-Based New Years Resolutions Did you make health-related resolutions a month ago? Think about it: 40-50% of Americans make healthy resolutions at the beginning of each new year, but most of ...
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The Early Death

In our ever changing world, we are constantly bombarded with more and more "easy fixes" to our health problems. From diet pills to "one machine" home workout products to hypnosis, ...
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Get Your Move On!

As you read this ask yourself these following questions. Are you sitting or standing as you read this? How long have you been in the position you are in? When was the last time you moved from where ...
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