How to Explain Chiropractic (and pain management) in an Elevator

I can easily imagine a die-hard chiropractic fan selling his elevator companions on the wonders of chiropractic and pain management. He gets on the elevator with a coworker at the top floor, already beginning his holistic spiel.

"My chiropractor healed my headaches!" he exclaims in awestruck wonder. His companion smirks patiently in response, while the rest of the elevator party rolls their eyes in mock exasperation. We're stuck for 19 floors with this guy?

While maybe mildly annoying, Mr. Spinal Enthusiasm actually has a point. Do you suffer from pain such as regular headaches? Chiropractic can, in fact, make them disappear. It's all about the spine.

The elevator stops at floor 16 to let on a stooped employee from accounting. What does our excited, albeit oblivious, coworker blurt out? "Chiropractic is known to straighten bent spines too. It can make most back pain from misalignment go away while correcting your posture!"

Sure. That's great. But how does it work? These skeptical riders aren't going to see the chiropractor just because one eager patient says so. If he really wants to get his coworkers to the chiropractor's office, he's going to have to explain it to them. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) for them, he has 16 floors in which to do so.

So, if the first step to pain management is chiropractic, how does it work? How doeschiropractic make headaches go away and back pain disappear?

Our elevator salesman will now explain. "The bones in your spine, called vertebrae, exist to support your bone structure and protect the spinal cord. When the bones get out of place, they interfere with how the body's nervous system naturally communicates with the brain. This causes all sorts of painful issues within your body."

And while on the elevator, his reluctant companions start to think about it and the longer they think about it, the more it makes sense. If your central nervous system can't communicate properly with your brain, pain will be a result.

"When you get a spinal adjustment," continues our keen coworker, "the bones move back to where they are supposed to be, allowing blood flow, oxygen, and the nervous system to all work properly. Pain goes away when the vertebrae are straight."

As the elevator unloads at ground floor, everybody makes a beeline for their cars to escape such blinding fervor. But they are thinking about their spines now.

I have headaches all the time, one lady thinks. My back hurts constantly, muses another. And what do you know, before too long they give a chiropractor a shot at their pain management and it all goes away.

All because one man stood still, forced himself on a stage and explained chiropractic in an elevator.

If any of these symptoms describe someone's situation you know (or maybe even your own), we would love to hear from you about your pain to see if we can help. At True Wellness we provide pain management in Chattanooga. Give us a call at (423) 475-6438 and schedule an appointment to have us see what we can do to help you in your pain management efforts.

If you would rather read a bit about our pain management services before you contact us, click on this link to be taken to our pain management services page.


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