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How Your Back Can Keep Cookies Out of Your Mouth

But what does a back have to do with a mouth? If you’ve ever felt pain in your back, well, it has a lot to do with it. You probably never think about your spine when you’re cramming junk ...
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Unraveling the Mystery of Barefoot Shoes

Have you ever slipped your foot into the glove-like interior of a barefoot shoe? You have to place each toe in its individual casing, making your foot into a hand for just one weird moment. You might ...
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How to Use Your Phone to Stay Motivated

We’ve all been there—you’ve fallen out of the workout routine and you’d rather sleep in than get all sweaty and uncomfortable. It’s a good thing you don’t have to ...
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The Halloween Sugar Rush

You know the feeling—sweetness has turned your mouth dry. You feel lightheaded. There’s a strange rush of energy through your arms and legs. You feel like you could run for miles, but you ...
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Why You Should Be Drizzling On the Olive Oil

The media has told us for decades to avoid fats if we want to lose weight and stay healthy. But what if we’re telling you today that fats can be good—and that you should eat more of them? ...
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Sleep: The Enemy of Back Pain?

How many mornings have you awoken to throbbing, stabbing, or aching back pain? Or perhaps your mornings have been the opposite—your back feels fine, but once you start moving, the pain comes ...
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A Lot of Smiles a Day Keep the Doctor Away

We’ve all heard that smiling is good for us—it uses fewer muscles than a frown, it makes you appear more attractive to others. But just what is the science behind a smile—and can it ...
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Yogliosis: How to Fight Scoliosis Pain with Yoga

So maybe “yogliosos” isn’t a thing—but it should be! If you or someone you love suffers from the pain of a laterally curved spine, known as scoliosis, then you need to know the ...
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The Active Family: How to Become One

Do you wish your family had it together like the Brady Bunch—or at least had your health under control? One of the best ways to maintain health is to eat right together and, yes, to exercise ...
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Is Your Toddler Hurting Your Back?

Once your baby passes the 12 month mark and starts walking, your daily routine kicks up a notch. You’ll be chasing your little tyke all over the house, whether you’re a stay-at-home parent ...
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Want to Stay Happy? Try New Things

When it comes to your brain, you probably know it’s good to keep it stimulated. Stimulating your mind by reading and doing sudokus keeps it active, leading to better memory retention and ...
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Make Jogging Fun, and You'll Lose Weight

Do you dread your morning jog or daily trip to the gym? Do you exercise because you know you should, but don’t really look forward to it? Aerobic exercise is necessary for many health reasons, ...
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Baby Backs Are the Key to Long-Term Health

You may find that going to the chiropractor is useful for relieving your back pain now and then. You may have even heard that you would feel better if you visited the chiropractor regularly throughout ...
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Is Your Purse Breaking Your Back?

Yes, you read that right—your purse can cause plenty of back pain. Of course we don’t mean that your evening clutch will bring on damaging muscle spasms. But a heavy shoulder bag can. In ...
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Why Are Chiropractors So Against Pills?

If you have ever seen a chiropractor, acupuncturist, or massage therapist, chances are you were on the hunt for pain relief that didn’t come from a pill. You are not alone. There are levels to ...
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Biometric Screenings the Key to Long Life?

Has your health insurance company offered a free biometric screening lately? The newest trend in reducing costs to health insurance companies (that’s right—to them, not you!) includes a ...
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There's Sludge on My Apple?

Don’t you just love the satisfying crunch of biting into a plump red apple on your lunch break? That juicy addition to your lunch may taste good, but did you skip on the organic sticker because ...
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Drink Up: Are You Drinking Enough Water?

With diets full of venti lattes, Big Gulp sodas, and energy drinks, water is often left behind as a boring beverage. But since water makes up 60% of our bodies and is lost continually throughout the ...
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Fast Food: Eating Right with a Busy Schedule

Busy lives and hectic schedules often mean that eating is an afterthought. However, if your favorite pizza order is saved on the website, or staff at the local fast food joint greets you by name, it ...
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Fitting Fitness into a Full Schedule

You spend your entire day racing from one responsibility to another. Getting to work on time, picking up the dry cleaning, checking the kids’ homework, and making dinner occupy every minute of ...
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The ABCs of Zzzs

When the day is done and you finally curl up in bed, do you easily drift off to dreamland? Or do you toss and turn, calculating how many hours of sleep you can get before you have to get up and start ...
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