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Everything You Need To Know About Neck Pain

We all experience severe to mild neck pain every once in a while. Normally, if we’re lucky, these issues go away in a few days. The pain normally originates from resting in an awkward position, holding your head in a prolonged incorrect posture, or chronic overuse of the neck muscles resulting from misalignment of the spine. As we said before, the issue is usually resolved quickly without much attention. However, normally the core problem is not addressed and the pain reoccurs, continuing to be an issue. So, what can you do to address the real problem?

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Practices to Minimize Neck Pain

    • One of the worst things you do can for your neck is to watch TV lying down. Another is reading while lying down, which places unnecessary strain on your neck. Make sure that you are participating in these activities while upright.

    • Any type of carrying case that requires you to strap it across your shoulder puts undue strain on your neck muscles. Try to find a bag that you can hold in your hand or with a strap that you can fasten into a handle that permits easy carrying.

    • Sleeping on pillows is generally not an acceptable practice for good neck posture. This will place unnecessary pressure on your neck and upper back.

    • Avoid sleeping on your stomach. This position can pull neck muscles out of position.

    • If you need to perform tasks that demand that the neck be extended out of its normal range, such as looking down, it is best that you remember take many periods of rest from that activity.

    Neck Pain That Keeps Coming Back

    When neck pain returns after you treat it again and again, this most likely shows that you have a more serious condition. The reappearance of a stiff neck can even be a sign that your spine is degenerating in the joints or discs.

    If you don’t have these symptoms treated by a professional, you may be setting yourself up for damage and pain that will last the rest of your life.

    Do I Need to Seek a Professional About My Neck Pain?

    The type of pain that you feel in your neck can usually indicate what kind of bigger issue your neck muscles and joints are experiencing. For example:

    • If exhaling strongly through your mouth makes your neck hurt, then you may have some interference in your discs.

    • If your neck feels uncomfortable when you wake up and gets better throughout the day, then you might be experiencing the onset of a bone disease like arthritis.

    • If you become disoriented or light-headed during the day, or feel pain when you turn your head, then you might have a neck issue that needs professional attention.

    • If your neck feels fine in the morning and then gets worse throughout the day, then you might have neck strain, extreme tiredness, or your neck muscles may be weak.

    Is My Neck Pain More Serious Than Momentary Discomfort?

    Look at the list below and check off symptoms that you experience. These symptoms can determine how bad your neck pain is.

    • Pain in your arm or shoulder that won’t go away

    • A hard time taking a regular breath

    • Stiffness in your neck that won’t go away

    • Pain that never leaves in your scalp, ears, neck, or face

    • General dizziness and disorientation

    • Tingling or lack of feeling in your fingers or hands

    • Pain in the chest

    If any of these symptoms are compatible with what you are experiencing, then you might have a serious issue. Call us to schedule an examination with a professional doctor to prevent any progression of serious issues in your neck.

    Neck Pain Physiology

    Your neck is very important for everyday functioning. People that have neck pain will be the first to tell you that your neck is one of the last things you want to injure.

    So, why is your neck so prone to injury? The joints in your neck are extremely flexible, and because of this, allow you great flexibility. Have you ever compared your neck to the rest of your body? It can move in ways that no other body part can. However, one of the best attributes of the neck (the flexibility) also makes itself prone to easy injury.

    Your neck is actually one of the most important routes that your nervous system passes through. Your nervous system allows your body and brain to talk with one another and helps connect the two to facilitate coordination within the rest of your body. So as you can see, a simple neck injury can turn into a serious problem that reverberates throughout your body, causing serious implications for everyday life.

    We hope after reading this you understand a bit more about neck pain and the severity of the issue. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and have the slightest question, please give us a quick call and schedule a free consultation with our office to prevent further disability down the road. You have nothing to lose!

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