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Why is it so hard to lose weight? Maybe you’ve tried changing your lifestyle over the years, and you’ve given weight loss programs a chance, but nothing seemed to work. You end up right back where you started or maybe even with more pounds on the scale and more inches to fight. The truth is that this pattern happens to many people, and it simply means you haven’t found the right way for your body to lose its excess weight.

If you’re ready for weight loss in the Chattanooga area, rely on the doctors at True Wellness. We have the answers to your weight loss struggles and the course to follow to lose fat and drop inches. Our Chattanooga weight loss plan will fit your life and help you keep the weight off.

To learn more or get started, schedule a consultation at our Chattanooga weight loss center by calling (423) 475-6438 .

How Does This Weight Loss Solution Work?

Our plan is for anyone who wants to change their health and body by losing weight. We welcome everyone, and we are able to customize the plan to fit your state of health, age and other factors.

Our weight loss approach includes:

Eating Plan

Overall, our Chattanooga weight loss plan focuses on your eating. It’s not like diet plans that restrict calories, fat and food groups. Instead, our plan promotes healthy eating of whole foods, naturally and easily reducing the number of calories you take in and properly fueling your body at the same time. We promote the idea of taking in the right calories at the right time instead of just cutting calories.

While carbohydrates are the fuel source your body goes to first, we retrain it to rely more on fat instead. Using this different type of energy addresses your body’s metabolic needs and helps even those who have trouble losing weight to make a dramatic lifestyle change.


To boost the results of our eating plan, we use supplementation throughout the weight loss period. We created our very own proprietary supplement solutions with the help of researchers.

Our FDA-approved supplements:

  • Help your body burn fat naturally for better overall results
  • Control your appetite to make the weight loss process easier
  • Provide energy so you feel more alert and refreshed, and to help your body burn more calories

Social Support

Our clients call themselves Wellness Warriors, and you can join their ranks through our private Facebook group. This gives the push, motivation, self-esteem boosts and listening ears you need to stick to your weight loss goals. Some of our Wellness Warriors attribute 100% of their success to this community factor. There's nothing like having hundreds of other people cheering you on toward your weight loss goal.

You might be wondering about exercise, since that’s so often associated with losing weight. That’s something we don’t include in our weight loss plan. The reason is that your body needs to learn to change the type of fuel it relies on before introducing exercise into the mix. Instead of including exercise in our plan, we get you ready for exercise and encourage you to do it after addressing your metabolic needs first.

A Doctor-Run Weight Loss Solution

Many weight loss plans are risky or ineffective, often created by people without much knowledge of health and what truly creates weight loss. A lot of weight loss advice steers you in the wrong direction. But at our weight loss clinic, you will work with a doctor who understands the human body and its processes.

Our two doctors created this plan to help Chattanooga residents lose weight fast and keep it off. We wanted a non surgical weight loss option that would help people find the right way to drop pounds and lose fat in Chattanooga.

A Customized Plan

Part of the reason that weight loss plans often don’t work is that each person has their own needs and lifestyle. While we have a basic weight loss treatment we use for everyone at True Weight Loss Solutions, we also tailor the plan to each person to provide the best possible results.

When you come to us for quick weight loss in Chattanooga, a Chattanooga weight loss doctor will perform a health risk assessment and a complete panel to determine your body mass index (BMI), any health risks, your current health and lifestyle situation, and your needs and goals.

We will help you reach your weight loss goals, whether you hope to lose a lot or a little.

What to Expect

With our plan, we give you the tools and guidance you need to truly change your lifestyle. We guide you on steps to take and provide supplementation to help your body transition into a new state of health.

After you lose the weight, we don’t leave you trying to figure out how to keep your weight off in real life. While we encourage you to control the amount of calories and the types of foods you take in to promote weight loss, we also provide a transitional phase where we reintroduce foods on a certain schedule to help you live a balanced, realistic lifestyle and to prevent you from regaining the weight. Our plan can help you keep the weight off for the rest of your life, to live in a healthy and satisfying way from now on.

Ready to See Results?

We notice extreme weight loss in our Chattanooga patients, while we can also help if you only need to lose a moderate amount of weight. We have a host of clients who have benefited from our weight loss program. People have told us that our plan helped them stop the cycle of gaining and losing weight, and move forward into a new life of keeping it off. Our clients tell us they feel so much healthier and happier since going through our program. See their experiences yourself by checking out our Testimonials and social media pages.

Are you ready to join our satisfied clients and lose fat in Chattanooga? Call (423) 475-6438 to set up your free consultation!

*Keep in mind that individual weight loss results may vary based on age, gender, and a variety of other factors.

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