Weight Loss Testimonials

Less than 2 weeks in and 9 lbs down: “Yesterday was the best day I’ve had in 7 months. I had no back pain and was full of energy.”- Ruth

“For over ten years I have tried to lose weight on my own and would lose 10-15 pounds and gain it back. I am now off medications and I am able to buy and shop for smaller sizes! I am so happy to be off the yo-yo diets and that True Weight Loss Solutions has helped me not only get the weight off but keep it off. I am looking forward to keeping the weight off and losing even more!”- Ruth

“I could hardly breathe over a month before I started True Weight Loss Solutions. I already breathe much better, I have more energy and I sleep better! I love this program! I feel 20 years younger! This program saved my life. Thanks to everyone involved in getting me this wonderful program!”- Sebron

Day 17: “Feeling great! I wore slacks and a shirt this weekend that I haven’t been able to put on in a long time- it’s like going shopping in my closet!”-Julie

40 Days in: "I have never felt better in my life. A big thanks to True Weight Loss Solutions!!! I am not only feeling better, but my marriage and business have never been better! I would recommend this to anyone struggling with weight problems!" – Nick

8 Weeks in: “It is encouraging because of the daily success you see on and off the scale, it gets addictive and gets you really motivated to see how far you can go.”-Erin

12 weeks in: “The process was long enough that I was able to form better habits that have carried me through now that I have finished the formal part of the program. Careful eating and continued exercise have paid off! So don't get discouraged. The good habits will get you there!!”- Cathy

“My clothes don't fit me anymore!!! Last night, as a necessity my husband took me to buy new jeans. He surprised me with a shopping trip to the buckle to buy a very pricey pair of jeans. We are not wealthy and my husband is very frugal, but he said "You look amazing and your hard work deserves a reward"

He didn't tell me this until I asked, but he didn't really believe I would lose this kind of weight. He said he knew I COULD, but historically I have always failed at dieting.

Here's the difference, THIS IS NOT A DIET!!!! It's a LIFE CHANGE!” – Crista

“I went to my Endocrinologist yesterday. Officially off of Metformin. Hopefully progesterone will be next. He praised my 22 lb weight loss and gave a thumbs up to True Weight Loss Solutions. He asked for all of True Weight Loss Solutions’ information and said he will be referring patients to him. Just one more confirmation that TWLS was the right choice for me!”- Crista

Just over 3 months in: “Milestone day...officially lost over 50 pounds with this morning's weigh-in. I have lost 51.4 pounds since starting this journey on December 19th. That's just under 3 1/2 months. I am amazed at how easy it has become to make healthier choices and not be tempted. For those of you fairly new on your journey, just stick with it! If I can do this, so can you!!!” -Kim

“I just finished my first full crossfit workout in 44 days! I'm down 30lbs and the difference was amazing! It felt so good!”- Jenny

“Funny how quickly life can change. I’m in a whole new place emotionally and physically. I feel so good.”- Jenny

“Before True Weight Loss Solutions, I use to be so uncomfortable getting dressed in the morning, I dreaded it. I also hating taking pictures and seeing myself in pictures; I started to become anti-social and didn’t want to do anything. I was lazy and my idea of “fun” was sitting inside a dark room eating candy and ice cream hating myself. I grew more and more depressed and hated looking in the mirror. NOW, I am so excited that I can wear clothes that I wore in high school. I am also excited that people are commenting on how nice I look. It is an added bonus that I do not dread getting dressed or swim suit season…bring it on! This program has changed the way I eat and look at food. It has also helped improve my health and self-esteem. I am most looking forward to running more 5k’s and also enjoying taking pictures and capturing moments.” - Sarah

“I had tried other programs and they were unsuccessful and TWLS sounded promising. My high blood pressure, high cholesterol and low energy negatively impacted my life and health. After going through the program I have lower cholesterol that ever before and I am off my blood pressure medications!” - Ruby

“I needed to find a more healthy diet and needed to do something now, that is when I found TWLS. My quality of life and health was negatively impacted by my weight. After completing the program I move and feel physically better.” - Terry

“My health and weight gave me back problems and stress in my neck and shoulders. I decided to do TWLS program because I wanted to get healthier and get rid the pain. I am so excited for the weight I lost and I feel MUCH better, sleep better…I have even become a morning person! I recommend this program to everyone I meet, especially anyone wanting to be healthy and/or lose weight.”- Christine

“So I completed the first 40 days on June 5th and lost 33 pounds and 11.5 inches. 5 inches came off my waist! I sleep amazing and I have the most energy that I have ever had. It has been a dream to add fats into my diet! Loving my new lifestyle change and the support” - Dixie

*Results are based on personalized health plans and weight loss goals and will vary between individuals.

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