Weight Loss Can Improve Overall Health

Overall Health Improvements in Chattanooga

While you may have the motivation to lose weight because of the many benefits that come with significant weight loss, it may be difficult to shed pounds effectively due to hormonal factors. A hormonal imbalance can prevent your weight loss without you knowing that there are medical factors behind your excess pounds, so countless efforts may not yield the results you are after. When you consult True Wellness in Chattanooga, you will be able to address obesity with the diagnosis of hormonal disorders that may be keeping you from losing weight with other methods. Our proven program is designed to not only promote quick weight loss, but it is also focused on the health of our clients.

Benefits of Weight Loss

When you lose weight, your health may improve dramatically, even before you reach your ultimate weight loss goals. As you become trimmer, you might notice a reduction in joint pain and fatigue, since every pound you lose can take five pounds of pressure off of the knees and hips. Here are some of the other profound health perks that may come with your weight loss at True Wellness.

  • Lower type 2 diabetes risk – Obesity has caused type 2 diabetes rates to increase dramatically in the United States, but losing weight can help you control your risk. Even if you have diabetes or prediabetes, weight loss can eliminate the risk of secondary conditions caused by uncontrolled blood sugar.
  • Reduced blood pressure – High blood pressure is an often silent risk factor for heart disease, poor kidney function, and stroke. Many people who are overweight or obese have high blood pressure due to restriction of the arteries, though the problem may easily be under control once your weight loss goals are met.
  • Improved organ health – Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is another serious health risk that may stem from obesity. Excess body fat can put a strain on the liver, leading to long-term damage with potentially life-threatening consequences. The right diet can cleanse the liver as weight comes off, adding years to your liver health.
  • Lower cholesterol – On its own, high cholesterol can contribute to heart disease and stroke, but combined with high blood sugar and high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome may arise.

Healthy Weight Loss Techniques

Because weight loss is such a common goal among American adults, there are many different weight loss programs that you may choose from. However, some programs are only focused on rapid weight loss rather than long-term results, which can lead to unhealthy weight gain as soon as the program is completed. With True Wellness, you can still expect to lose 20-45 pounds in 40 days, but the strategy to get to this point is a personalized plan that takes your unique body composition into account. This means that you will not put your health at risk as you take off excess weight. To explore the True Wellness program in greater detail, call us at (423) 475-6438.

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