A Double Chin can save your life?????

Can a “Double Chin” save my life???

I know this question is running through your mind of how a dreadful “ double chin” can save your life. Well the answer to this question you are pondering on is Yes! When most people in our culture hear the phrase “double chin” they connect this phrase with being overweight and how they can prevent it from happening. But, on the contrary this phrase that leaves such a bad taste in most people’s mouths is actually a cue that cannot only save your life, but help you live a longer one as well.

Everyday I see more and more people’s life expectancy decreasing in many ways. But, what if I told you that you could increase your life expectancy by just making one adjustment to your body framework. Would you do it??

In the October 2004 issue of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, it was reported that there is a “44% increase in death rate with 17mm of Forward Head Posture”. This profound statistic is very true and pertains to about 85% of our population. Most people have forward head posture where their chin is protruded causing a flat neck. Of this 85% a majority of them have desk jobs that assist with the problematic forward head posture.

When the head is mostly forward it causes your cervical vertebrae to lose their natural curve forming a flat, more compressed, and more stiff neck. This causes the important blood vessels that send blood and oxygen to the brain to be compressed as well causing less blood and oxygen to reach the brain. Without a good flow of blood and oxygen to our main controller “the brain” we have slower and less nerve function causing our bodies to run insufficiently.

The way to fix this dreadful “forward head posture” think of the key phrase “double chin”, and tuck that chin back and in!! Pulling your chin back and in forming that double chin will get rid of that forward head, increase our cervical curve, get rid of that flat neck, and best of all keep us alive and kicking longer.

Because, “Double Chin” is IN and “Forward Head Posture” is Out For the Count….

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