Back to the Basics

When a new patient starts treatment with us at Healthsource we always give them the world class experience that we give to all of our patients. Our goal is to get our patients out of pain and reach an overall good bill of health. While chiropractic adjustments and manual therapy are greatly important for a healthy mind, body, and spirit; therapeutic exercises are just as important. Exercise is very beneficial in assisting with getting out of pain and strengthening our bodies to make them stronger. A high percentage of our patients have tightness and pain in their neck and shoulders. Most of these issues are caused by work with being at a desk for hours, having bad posture, and from daily life activities. Everyday I assist our patients with their posture, shoulder positioning, and stretches to help get them out of pain as well as strengthen these areas so these painful issues subside. The basic exercises I begin all patients with are the Brueggar position, neck drawers, trap stretch, levator scapulae stretch. Combination of all these exercises together increase range of motion, increase flexibility, relieves muscle tension, and helps strengthen the neck and shoulders. Doing these basic exercises at least once a day everyday will help increase the healing process and the sooner you will be out of pain. When you come into the office we want you to always do your exercises, and I will progress you more as the healing process gets better. When you are not in the office it is very important that you still do some of the basic exercises I teach you at home so you continue to better yourself as a whole so you can reach that place of no pain. I have included a video of some of the basic exercises and stretches for neck and shoulders. Enjoy the video and get your “Exercise On!”

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