Coughing, Sniffles, and Fever… OH MY!!!

Its that time of the year again when people start to feel under the weather and worry about catching the new virus that is going around. Its Flu Season!! Everyone is running to their doctor or to the nearest drug store to get their flu vaccination. Every other commercial or ad on the billboards tells us to hurry and get there discounted or even FREE flu vaccine. The past few years I was right there in the midst of all the panic rushing to get my flu vaccine so I didn’t catch that horrid flu.

But is the flu vaccine really helpful? How effective is this so called vaccine that is the “prevention” for the flu? Is getting the flu worse than the possible side effects that comes from the flu vaccine? All these questions come to my mind now that I have learned more about the flu vaccine from its effectiveness to its horrible side effects.

According to the CDC the flu vaccine used to be 70-90% effective, but the CDC has recently released that the vaccine is no decreased to being only 50-70% effective to preventing the flu. That is a great decrease in effectiveness on a prevention that the media has pushed for its importance and the key to keeping the flu away. On top of the effectiveness making a significant decrease. Have you asked yourself what is in this vaccine that we are all so easily getting injected into our body.

According to the CDC the ingredients in the flu vaccine are as follows:

Type of Ingredient Examples Purpose
Preservatives Thimerosal (only in multi-dose vials of flu vaccine) To prevent contamination
Adjuvants Aluminum salts To help stimulate the body’s response to the antigens
Stabilizers Sugars, gelatin To keep the vaccine potent during transportation and storage
Residual cell culture materials Egg protein To grow enough of the virus or bacteria to make the vaccine
Residual inactivating ingredients Formaldehyde To kill viruses or inactivate toxins during the manufacturing process
Residual antibiotics Penicillin, sulfa drugs To prevent contamination by bacteria during the vaccine manufacturing process

These ingredients are surprisingly more dangerous to our bodies over time than catching the flu virus. According to Dr. Hugh Fundenberg getting a flu vaccine 5 consecutive times increases a persons chances of getting Alzheimer’s Disease 10 times more likely than someone who hasn’t got vaccinated. The Thimerosal contains mercury that causes brain injury and autoimmune injury. The aluminum is associated with Alzheimer’s Disease and seizures, and Formaldehyde is a hazardous waste that causes cancer.

I’m not telling you to not get the flu vaccine. But, just stating that it is important to investigate the vaccines we get and understand that not all of them are as effective as we have been told. As well we don’t know what are in these vaccines and we should know what is going in our bodies. Our bodies are important we only get one and its where we live. How important is where you live to you???

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