Our Kids

In today’s world we are starting to realize that our health is going down hill. We are smarter and more advanced than any humans that have came before. There have been more inventions in the last 50 years than in all of previous history combined. WOW, we are great. Then why are we less healthy than ever before?

We take care of our brains, but not the vessel that it is carried in. As a society we have become more sedate and much less active. Watching TV to catch up on the days events and reality shows outweigh our desire to get off the couch and exercise. With laziness comes laziness. So, is shortening our lives and decreasing the quality of our lives the worst thing we are doing? NO!

We are showing our children that health is unimportant. When they see us laying around watching tv, snacking on potato chips and endlessly growing. We are showing that it is okay to be lazy and sick. That IS the worst thing we are doing. We are raising the first generation in modern history, where our children will not live longer than their parents.

It is our responsibility to teach our children to be smarter and wiser than we are. Do we remember what it was like to be outside until dark playing? When we were mad that our parents made us come in for diner? Do we remember playing tag or hide and seek with our friends? Do we even remember walking to the mail box without breathing heavy?

Why are we letting our children miss those memories? Don’t we want to see our children run, play and laugh? It is such a joy to watch our children play, and we are letting that happen. Playing video games and having muscular thumbs really doesn’t make a healthy child.

This is not a blog to accuse anyone of not taking care of their children, it is just asking that we wake up to what is happening. Spending an hour a day playing with our children could ” NO WILL” make all of our lives better and more enjoyable! Thank you for reading.

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