Sleep, why do you elude me so?

Sleep, a topic near and dear to my heart is the topic I have chosen today.

Many of us find ourselves never getting quite enough of the sweet deep refreshing sleep we seemed to get as children. We search for it everywhere from holistic approaches to prescription drugs. As Americans and professionals we are especially prone to finding ourselves in debt to many creditors, the first of which turns out to be our bodies for all the sleep we keep cheating it out of each week.

I know because as I write this it is past a good normal bed time which I should be keeping but as much as I try 12:20/1 am sees me all too often. We are on way too friendly terms since college and as much as I have tried I have not found a way to get my 8 hours in consistently since before high school.

My search for a better nights sleep has taken me many places and taught me many things. Many of which are in the following article which shows the research in a much more clear and concise way that I can thus I have included it. However I can say from experience many of the techniques and advice found in the article I know to be good and true.

I must add however that the best thing you can do to help your body repay its sleep debt is relax sooner after getting home and not try to fight sleep so hard but let it take you as it will.

Cover your charging lights for all the technology that clutters your room, keep a bottle of water by your bed, get comfy and go for it. Set a sleep schedule like a work schedule and stick to it and you will find some good sleep in your future.

Calm your body and your mind will follow, whither its foam rolling, massage or an adjustment, calm the body and you will be able to sleep much easier. Throw in a better diet not too close to bed times and add a good hard workout to your day and you won’t be able to stop sleep from taking you with it.

I hope you all learn from this article as much as I did.

Ariel Baker, LMT

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