• Text Neck

    Those darn kids, always texting on their cellular mobile telephone whatchamacallits!

    Ok, so here at True Wellness, we aren’t that old and grumpy, however we do get tired of seeing kids, teenagers, and adults spending so much time staring at their phones/computers/tablets. Is it because we hate technology and miss the days of rotary phones and walk-mans? No! It’s because we see countless people with what we call “text neck!”

    Hint: this is not good for your spine

    “Text-neck” is becoming more and more common in our society, but aside from making you look like the handle of an umbrella, text-neck will lead to many health problems, including (but not limited to) decreased blood and air supply to your brain! (Hint: this is not good for your brain) So are we doomed to be a nation of vulture-necked people? Absolutely not. Looking down at your cell phone once or for an extended period of time does not mean you will forever have bad posture. A simple analogy is the rock analogy. If you throw one rock into your car every day, after 10 years you have a car full of rocks. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t take the rocks out, it just simply means that the longer you throw rocks in, the more rocks there are to take out. The same goes for our spine and health. The longer we contribute to poor spinal health, the longer it takes to correct it, but almost all simple issues (like text neck!) are correctable in our clinic!

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  • Soreness vs. Pain

    People everyday complain about being in pain. “My low back hurts”, “my neck hurts”, “my shoulders feel so tight”. These are the complaints we hear everyday from so many people. But, when it comes to knowing whether its actually pain or just soreness can be unclear to many.

    Most people confuse soreness for pain because it is a constant, dull, achy feeling that they tend not to like or enjoy very much. Some may think this feeling is painful because they may not be use to it, they may have a low or sensitive pain tolerance, or they associate soreness only with working out or being physically active. Since the soreness is painful to them they associate it with being a pain instead of being sore.

    Soreness is caused by two ways; one way is from small, controlled damage to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. When we exercise or get a massage the muscles are being damaged a little from the impact of the exercise and the breaking up of tight muscles from the massage. This small temporary damage of the muscles is what leads to the dull, achy feeling of being sore. The second way soreness is caused is by the build up of lactic acid in the muscles that are being worked when exercising or when tight muscles are broken up in a massage. When exercising lactic acid builds up when the circulatory system does not dispose of the excess lactic acid quick enough leaving the acid in the muscles. Lactic acid is also released into the circulatory system during a massage, because the massage therapist is breaking up the tight muscles that contain the lactic acid build up. This is why it is very important to hydrate the body with plenty of water to flush out the lactic acid in our bodies after a massage as well as after exercise. Also, to prevent from having a lot of soreness after exercise it is important to properly cool down after a workout, stretch, and hydrate.

    On the other hand pain is an issue that is caused by an impact, overuse of a particular part of the body over time, or from performing an exercise or daily activities in an incorrect position. When we are in pain its the way our body communicates to us that something is wrong and we need to take care of it right away. Pain is associated with more of a sharp or jabbing sensation that is constantly there or when we are in a particular body position. If you experience any kind of pain it is very important to get it taken care of or checked as soon as possible so as to not lead to something more serious. To prevent pain we must become more aware of our bodies and the way we do activities correctly or incorrectly. Our bodies are the only ones we have so it is important to take good care of where we live.

    “If you are interested in a complimentary exam and check up call the closest HealthSource location and we’ll be happy to schedule some time with the Doctor! ”