• Get Your Move On!

    As you read this ask yourself these following questions. Are you sitting or standing as you read this? How long have you been in the position you are in? When was the last time you moved from where you are? How much movement does your body get throughout the day? Lastly, do you suffer from any aches or pains throughout your day?

    If you answered most of the questions that you sit or stand in the same position most of your day doing the same repetitive movements daily then you are like most people in our country. If you also answered yes that you suffer from aches and pains then the culprit is right in the answers to the preceding questions. Living a mostly stationary life leads to many issues that causes the body to be more stiff, tight, achy, and always in pain. But, not only a non-active lifestyle can lead to aches and pains; the repetitive improper or incorrect movements we do throughout the day heightens these issues even more.

    Movement and being active is key to a painless and less stiff achy body. A body in motion stays in motion because an active moving body continues to keep the body in motion. When our bodies move more it allows our nervous system to work more cohesive with our bodily functions.

    While movement is key we must move correctly by relying on good posture in almost every move we make. Correct posture is very important because we do repetitive movements everyday that if done always incorrectly leads to the ailments we complain about. Of course we are not perfect and we should not expect to be in perfect posture in every move we make. But, it is important to be aware and conscious of the movements we do incorrectly. If we are made aware of the correct posture we can attempt to move in a more posture correct position.

    From all this I want people to understand that movement is so important for our bodies to work and perform properly. I’m not saying you need go train for a marathon or go kill yourself in the gym. But, being active and moving a little more everyday will help your body function better as a whole. So get up, get out, and get your move on!

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