• What is Lower Cross Syndrome???

    How many times have you reached for something and your low back locks up? When you lift or pick something or someone up your low back catches? Do you suffer from low back, leg, knee, or foot pain?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions you are a perfect candidate for lower cross syndrome.

    Lower cross syndrome is an issue that affects many people with lower body ailments such as low back pain, sciatic pain, knee pain, foot pain, or pain from the low back downward.

    Lower cross stems from muscles that are tight causing the opposing muscles to be weak. The muscles that are tight are being overworked or overused causing them to become tight. These muscles become tight because the weak muscles are not working properly or efficiently because the opposing ones are tight not allowing the weak to work like they should.

    For example; if the hip flexors and low back muscles are tight then that will affect the abdominal muscles and quadriceps muscles making them weak and vice versa.

    So how do you fix this problem?

    The quickest most efficient way to regain motion and get out of pain is the CORE of our practice the Chiropractic Adjustment. The adjustment will not only help with regaining motion back into the spine and musculature, but it will help the nervous system communicate better with the body to function better and more efficiently.

    Once the adjustment has been performed then we must integrate the spinal rehab with the postural corrective exercises and release work. Pairing these great techniques with the adjustment compliment each other very well towards reaching no pain and staying consistently without pain. Incorporating postural exercises, stretches, release techniques such as foam rolling, and core strengthening will guide you to a healthier, more fulfilling, pain free life.

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  • How to Explain Chiropractic (and pain management) in an Elevator

    I can easily imagine a die-hard chiropractic fan selling his elevator companions on the wonders of chiropractic and pain management. He gets on the elevator with a coworker at the top floor, already beginning his holistic spiel.

    “My chiropractor healed my headaches!” he exclaims in awestruck wonder. His companion smirks patiently in response, while the rest of the elevator party rolls their eyes in mock exasperation. We’re stuck for 19 floors with this guy?

    While maybe mildly annoying, Mr. Spinal Enthusiasm actually has a point. Do you suffer from pain such as regular headaches? Chiropractic can, in fact, make them disappear. It’s all about the spine.

    The elevator stops at floor 16 to let on a stooped employee from accounting. What does our excited, albeit oblivious, coworker blurt out? “Chiropractic is known to straighten bent spines too. It can make most back pain from misalignment go away while correcting your posture!”

    Sure. That’s great. But how does it work? These skeptical riders aren’t going to see the chiropractor just because one eager patient says so. If he really wants to get his coworkers to the chiropractor’s office, he’s going to have to explain it to them. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately ) for them, he has 16 floors in which to do so.

    So, if the first step to pain management is chiropractic, how does it work? How does chiropractic make headaches go away and back pain disappear?

    Our elevator salesman will now explain. “The bones in your spine, called vertebrae, exist to support your bone structure and protect the spinal cord. When the bones get out of place, they interfere with how the body’s nervous system naturally communicates with the brain. This causes all sorts of painful issues within your body.”

    And while on the elevator, his reluctant companions start to think about it and the longer they think about it, the more it makes sense. If your central nervous system can’t communicate properly with your brain, pain will be a result.

    “When you get a spinal adjustment,” continues our keen coworker, “the bones move back to where they are supposed to be, allowing blood flow, oxygen, and the nervous system to all work properly. Pain goes away when the vertebrae are straight.”

    As the elevator unloads at ground floor, everybody makes a beeline for their cars to escape such blinding fervor. But they are thinking about their spines now.

    I have headaches all the time , one lady thinks. My back hurts constantly, muses another. And what do you know, before too long they give a chiropractor a shot at their pain management and it all goes away.

    All because one man stood still, forced himself on a stage and explained chiropractic in an elevator.

    If any of these symptoms describe someone’s situation you know (or maybe even your own), we would love to hear from you about your pain to see if we can help. At True Wellness we provide pain management in Chattanooga. Give us a call at (423) 475-6438 and schedule an appointment to have us see what we can do to help you in your pain management efforts.

    If you would rather read a bit about our pain management services before you contact us, click on this link to be taken to our pain management services page.

  • Manage Your Pain Better in 2013

    Health-Based New Years Resolutions

    Did you make health-related resolutions a month ago? Think about it: 40-50% of Americans make healthy resolutions at the beginning of each new year, but most of these people fall off the wagon at some point down the road. You can be different—you can stick with your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and stay healthy but you need a plan and the simpler, the better.

    What motivation is there to stick with weight loss throughout the year? If you can find the key to motivating yourself, you will find it much easier to stick out your resolution. One easy way to do this is to think of weight loss as pain management . This isn’t some kind of hokey mind trick that you have to play on yourself, it’s actually the plain and honest truth. That’s right, regular diet and exercise helps your body maintain optimum health and reduces chronic pain and the best part is, you don’t really have to do much. Losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult, just eat more fruits and vegetables, reduce your intake of red meat, sugar, and salt, and take walks a few times a week. Now, who can say that’s not a simple way to start out?

    How is this going to help your body? When you keep your body balanced through diet and exercise, you prevent the strain of daily life from taking its toll on your joints and spine. For example, people considered to be obese are at a high risk for back and joint pain because the extra weight places increased pressure on these bones, even just during normal, daily activities. The ankles, hips, and knees support your weight all day, and if you burden them with extra weight, they will wear out faster. So, if you were to stay on a relatively healthy diet (don’t ramp up your diet too quick, take baby steps) and exercise, the weight will come off which will help relieve the pressure on your joints, returning you back to health and allowing you to stay healthier, longer.

    Now, that’s what I call simple pain management.

    Other things to keep in mind:

    – Shedding just a few unneeded pounds will lower your blood pressure and reduce the amount of bad cholesterol choking your veins.

    – Losing weight—even just 5-10% of your body weight—can eliminate sleep problems such as apnea and insomnia.

    – Extra weight can prevent your body from protecting itself against unwanted diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

    As you can see from above, extra pounds don’t add pain to your life just through extra weight. Extra weight can really affect your entire body, including your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, potential sleeping disorders, and even your immune system.

    Extra weight can prevent you from having an overall high quality of life. If you are trying to learn new ways of pain management for chronic pain in your life, consider taking a step toward shedding extra pounds. Talk to your doctor or local Chattanooga chiropractor. You can also check weight and height charts online to see what your optimum weight should be. If you are over this amount, get to walking and changing your diet. Whether your New Year’s Resolution was to find better pain management or simply to improve your quality of life, simple weight loss is the perfect place to start.

    Pain Management – Extra Steps

    If you want to take more actionable steps for pain management and you live in Chattanooga, TN, I encourage you to read more about HealthSource of Chattanooga’s pain management philosophy. Visit our pain management page where you can learn about our unique approach to pain management and some of the benefits to you.

  • The Early Death

    In our ever changing world, we are constantly bombarded with more and more “easy fixes” to our health problems. From diet pills to “one machine” home workout products to hypnosis, Americans in particular seem to be constantly looking for the “easy” way out of their poor physical health!!! Well the good news is that their is an easy way out, that has been around for years and years: diet and exercise.

    You may say “oh there’s nothing easy about that!” But there is! No one ever said you had to be either an Olympic athlete or an out of shape nobody did they? There’s a lot of room in between there! We are a sedentary people aka a “sit-a-lot” people. All that sitting, and eating of heavily processed (aka stripped of the good healthy stuff) food has led us to, well, the physical state we see right in front of our faces. But any change is good change, as they say, and that’s what we are shooting for! Remember, this stuff has been around for years, as evidenced in this weeks video below, and it works. I’m asking you to simply take a small step towards good health today, be it a diet change (eating a 1 more carrot a day is a small step!) or an exercise change (take the steps!)

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