The Early Death

In our ever changing world, we are constantly bombarded with more and more “easy fixes” to our health problems. From diet pills to “one machine” home workout products to hypnosis, Americans in particular seem to be constantly looking for the “easy” way out of their poor physical health!!! Well the good news is that their is an easy way out, that has been around for years and years: diet and exercise.

You may say “oh there’s nothing easy about that!” But there is! No one ever said you had to be either an Olympic athlete or an out of shape nobody did they? There’s a lot of room in between there! We are a sedentary people aka a “sit-a-lot” people. All that sitting, and eating of heavily processed (aka stripped of the good healthy stuff) food has led us to, well, the physical state we see right in front of our faces. But any change is good change, as they say, and that’s what we are shooting for! Remember, this stuff has been around for years, as evidenced in this weeks video below, and it works. I’m asking you to simply take a small step towards good health today, be it a diet change (eating a 1 more carrot a day is a small step!) or an exercise change (take the steps!)

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