• Getting in Shape???

    Many people across the country are trying to get in shape. People everyday are either starting new exercise programs, setting new exercise goals, or getting new gym memberships. Wanting to exercise and get in shape is awesome and is something everyone should incorporate in their daily lives. Being active in some way at least 3-5 days per week for at least 30 minutes is important is much needed to live a healthy lifestyle. But, while being active and exercising is great for everyone the main question is are we exercising properly so not to damage our spines?

    Our spines are a very important aspect to our bodies and how we work properly as a whole. The spine protects our spinal cord that affects every part of how are body functions. If our spine is affected in any way by being misaligned by outside stresses it will translate to our spinal cord which in turn effects the rest of our body. Our spines and bodies are stressed everyday from almost everything we do on a daily bases.

    The main reason why our spines are stressed so much is from bad posture that we have in everything we do. Whether it is while we are working, relaxing, or exercising with constant bad posture will stress our spines to a point of causing our bodies to not function properly.

    Now if we translate this bad posture into when we exercise, which already puts a higher stress on our bodies than most daily activities we do, will cause an even higher stress on our spines. It is very important to try and enforce proper posture and technique while exercising. If we perform the exercise movements properly we will not only protect our spines better but we will get the optimum benefit from the exercise.

    So exercising and staying active are very important but as long as we incorporate the proper posture and technique we will not only make our bodies stronger, but we will make our spines stronger and healthier as well.

  • 4 Life Essentials

    Thanks to Dr. C and his regular talks on the 4 essentials to life for inspiring this weeks blog!

    We all know that without certain things in life, we cannot survive for very long. They are of course our cell phones, tv…NOT! While we may feel that we need these things to live, there are really 4 things that are essential to staying alive.

    1) Water: The Textbook of Medical Physiology states that “the total amount of water in a man of average weight is approximately 40 liters, averaging 57% of his total body weight.” In other words, over half of you is water! And when it says water, it means water! Not Coke, or Powerade, or energy drinks, etc. These will dehydrate you by requiring more water from other parts of your body so your stomach can digest them.

    2) Food: Of course we need food! I could write a book about nutrition, but one important illustration to remember is this: Fueling your body is like fueling your car. The higher the quality and cleaner the fuel, the better it works.

    3) Oxygen: Duh!

    4) Nerve Impulse: We all know we can’t live without our brain right? Our brain tells everything in your body what/when/why/how to operate. How does it do that? Nerves of course! And at True Wellness our excellent doctors do a fantastic job of making sure those “pathways” of nerves running from your brain to the rest of your body are unhindered!

    If you are interested in a complimentary exam and check up, call the closest True Wellness location and we’ll be happy to schedule some time with the Doctor!