Make Jogging Fun, and You’ll Lose Weight

photo credit to LadyDragonflyCC - >;< Do you dread your morning jog or daily trip to the gym? Do you exercise because you know you should, but don’t really look forward to it? Aerobic exercise is necessary for many health reasons, but you don’t have to view it as a chore.

In fact, one study shows that viewing exercise as a chore means it will take longer to lose weight. The idea is that if you have fun exercising, you view the exercise as the reward and don’t crave junk food after you’re done. The results prove it: in a group of 52 women, half were told to go take a walk and have fun. Those women didn’t reach for candy bars when they got back.

Thinking of Exercise as Fun

photo credit to ceiling We’ve all heard the adage “mind over matter.” And when it comes to exercise, it’s true. In the study mentioned above, the group of women who were told to go and enjoy a one-mile course ate far less junk food than the others who viewed the course as a chore—meaning they consumed fewer calories. And that’s all good, but how do you apply this to your life?

It’s all about developing an inspiring fitness routine. If you want to be inspired to eat better by your daily “sweat sesh” (as this article calls it), then you need to start thinking of it differently. Give it a new name. Call it by the studio or gym name where you work out (“It’s time for me to YMCA it up”). Make an inspiring soundtrack of songs you only listen to when you work out, so you look forward to your groove time. When you make dates with friends, instead of having lunch, make it a walk on the local greenway. Get creative with your new mindset.

Curbing the Cravings

photo credit to Team Dalog When you see getting out and moving as fun, you don’t need a reward afterwards. That’s because you view the exercise itself as a reward. And what about exercise isn’t rewarding? Cardio workouts do the following:

  • release endorphins
  • improve circulation
  • keep your brain younger
  • increase bone density
  • heighten self confidence
  • improve heart health
  • increase metabolism
  • decrease appetite
  • improve ability to recover
  • help manage diabetes

Perhaps reading this list changed your view of working out—once you see how rewarding cardio is for your physical body, it can help you believe that exercise is your reward. If you feel the mood-enhancing effects of endorphins every afternoon, you aren’t going to be looking for a sweet treat to make you feel better. Consuming fewer calories means there are fewer you have to burn each day, ultimately leading to the weight loss you’re looking for.

What’s fun about your workout?

The next time you head out to burn calories, try to make sure you’re doing it because you want to, not because you have to. This mindset will carry through the workout and keep you happy when you get home—meaning you won’t reach for a snack this time. Read this article to help you find even more ways to make your workout fun–and keep it that way.

Do you already have a fun workout routine in place? What do you do in a typical day to make sure your approach to exercise is one of pleasure instead of dread? When you share you ideas and tips, others can get them—meaning your life is improving other lives. That’s a noble goal; leave a comment so it can start happening!