Want to Stay Happy? Try New Things

photo credit to Marcelo César Augusto Romeo When it comes to your brain, you probably know it’s good to keep it stimulated. Stimulating your mind by reading and doing sudokus keeps it active, leading to better memory retention and sustaining your problem solving skills.

But there’s more ways to keep your mind agile. Trying new things not only stimulates the brain; it can keep you happy in the face of other mundane facets of life. When you have more fun in life, your brain tends to stay active. And you end up with a higher quality of life.

photo credit to Olga Reznik Why Failure Is Important

As humans, we tend to play it safe by doing things we know we’re good at. This is mostly to protect ourselves from the pain of failure. But the reality is—and we all know this—if you don’t start somewhere, you’ll never be good at anything. Blogger Nerd Fitness points out that even masters of skill sets have to start at the beginning, when they don’t know anything.

If you always avoid the thing that will be more difficult, you’ll never find out if you enjoy something. The truth is that the people who are now skilled in their areas had to fail over and over again—but they kept trying because they enjoyed it so much. Take Thomas Edison . He enjoyed inventing so much that he kept trying, even though legend says he failed 999 times before he came up with a functioning light bulb.

Having Fun With It

Now that you know you have to do things you know you’re going to fail at, have fun with it. Pick up a soccer ball for the first time in your life and bounce it off the basement wall. Sure, it might hit a few lamps before it comes back to you, but wasn’t it fun to kick the ball?

In order to keep our minds agile, we have to have fun. And when you’re a working mom or a busy entrepreneur, having fun isn’t necessarily at the top of the list. Well, it should be—by incorporating new things into your routine. You can try new things while driving, like singing your favorite songs a cappella. You can try new things in the kitchen, like preparing a Moroccan chicken dish. You can even try new things during your usual downtime—instead of winding down from the day by watching TV, try tinkering with broken electronics in the back room. Revisit an old hobby, like painting. The list goes on and on .

photo credit to Yasser Alghofily Don’t Stay Bored

Even if you have a busy lifestyle, you can get bored by doing and seeing the same things everyday. This article reminds us that boredom isn’t just a part of life that we have to live with—it can actually lead to depression and affects our mental and emotional health. So to fight boredom and stay agile in our brains, we have to change things up. Get outside the box of your life by joining a fitness or book group, even eating dessert before dinner! These tips are sure to help you fight the boredom that comes with monotony.

How do you stay young?

Our day to day existences can be exhausting, and they can get boring. But if you change things up and try new things every once in a while, you’re sure to stay happy long into your twilight years.

What do you do to stay young? Do you like to take up new hobbies to keep from becoming dissatisfied? We want to hear your thoughts. We always respond to our comments, so to help us get a conversation going, leave a comment now!