Why Are My Shoulders Called Atlas?

If you’re from Chattanooga, and if you’ve ever wanted to know more about your spine, this article is for you. We’ve compiled the most interesting facts about the spine that we could find—and since knowledge is power, they may save you from an injury one day.

For all you Chattanooga, TN residents out there, knowing about your spine is one of the best ways to prevent injury. So to avoid regular visits to your Chattanooga, TN chiropractor, keep reading.

13 Interesting Facts About the Spine

  1. There are over 120 muscles in the spine . When the spine gets out of alignment, any one of those 120 muscles can be yanked with the maladjusted vertebrae, pinching nerves and causing pain.
  2. The spinal column has approximately 220 ligaments that keep the vertebrae in place and resistant to external force (like a car crash).
  3. The spine has 100 joints, making it flexible enough to curve into two thirds of a circle.
  4. One fourth of the spine’s length is from cartilage , the sponge-like cushion that separates vertebral discs.
  5. When an astronaut returns to Earth, he may be 1.5 to 2 inches taller than when he left. This is because the further one gets from the gravitational pull of Earth, the less pressure gravity places on cartilage.
  6. The most common cause of back pain in America (and Chattanooga, TN) is car accidents.
  7. Both giraffes and humans have 7 vertebrae in the neck.
  8. The first set of vertebrae—the 7 cervical vertebrae—are also called Atlas, after the Greek myth about Atlas, a character who lost a fight and had to carry the earth on his shoulders.
  9. We are born with 33 vertebrae but only have 26 by the time we become adults. Four vertebrae fuse together to form the tailbone, and 5 fuse together to form the back of the pelvis.
  10. It is estimated that 80-90% of back pain will resolve itself without treatment within 4 to 6 weeks.
  11. When you injure the spinal cord, the body can’t send signals to your skin to trigger sweat glands. A person with a spinal cord injury must cool down externally—like with a bucket of cold water.
  12. 82% of people with spinal cord injuries are male.
  13. As a result of cartilage compression due to gravity, humans begin to lose a quarter of an inch to 5 inches of height per decade after age 40.

What do you know about the spine?

The next time you see your chiropractor in Chattanooga, TN ask him about some of these facts. Which of your 120 spinal muscles is causing you pain? Where exactly are those 220 ligaments in your spine located? Can you feel them? And while you’re at it, find out how much height your are likely to lose after age 40. Being a patient of a chiropractor in Chattanooga, TN is your ticket to knowledge about the spine. And knowledge is prevention, when it comes to back injuries. (Just be careful on the road! See number 6.)

Do you know some facts about the spine that we haven’t mentioned yet? Do tell! Leave us a comment in the box below, click submit, and you’ll have a conversation going in no time. We love to hear from our readers—and our readers love to hear form other readers—so take a moment and give us your knowledge. Who knows, maybe you’ll save someone’s back from an injury!