St. Patty’s Day: The Perfect Health Food Extravaganza

Think about it. What other holiday celebrates a color so completely as St. Patrick’s Day? And of all the colors, it’s green—the most common color in nature and the color of many vegetables.

We know St. Patty’d day has passed but we propose something a little different for your Irish celebrations next year: a health food extravaganza! If you’re in the Chattanooga, TN area, there are plenty of health food stores for you to find the vegetables and fruit you need to make March 17 2016 a healthy day to remember.

Veggie Delight

Ok, so the most obvious way to incorporate green health food into your St. Patrick’s Day is to eat food that is naturally green—like vegetables. And just because you live in a health-oriented town like Chattanooga doesn’t mean you look with fondness upon green veggies. What to do?

First thing first is to get creative with them; make the veggies more appealing. This Women’s Health article has some great ideas. One trick is to use zucchini or cucumber in place of buns for a tiny sandwich. Use a cabbage as a dip bowl—just carve out the center. Then you can peel cabbage leaves to eat with the dip, along with your other dippable veggies! You can even substitute pasta with strips of zucchini for a look-alike fettuccini. Get creative with your own vegetable delights.

Scrumptious Soups

Another great way to get some healthy green going is to turn to soups. There are many possibilities—split pea, broccoli & cheddar, even this basic green soup that creams together chard and spinach. Soup is a very satisfying addition to any meal, so if you’re sticking with naturally green foods to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, soup is a great option. You can go off-recipe and make your own creation with whatever green food you have on hand—spinach, celery, peas, and so on. If you know the fundamentals of soup making, launching out on your own isn’t so hard. Check out this Splendid Table post for the basics in soup making. By sticking to veggie-based soups, you’ll be making your Chattanooga, TN chiropractor happy. How? They love it when you keep your body healthy!

Creative Finger Foods

Our final idea for creating (and sticking to) a naturally green food extravaganza is to explore the world of finger foods. If you’re throwing a green party, finger foods are the obvious way to go. You can make those zucchini-bun sandwiches we mentioned before, among many other dishes. For one thing, these finger foods don’t have to be raw. You can bake and cook to get the desired effect. These ideas from Oprah will really get your party going. Things like a meat and cheese skewer founded on a green grape, shrimp wasabi with mayonnaise, and other delectable ideas are sure to please even the most skeptical of guests. And remember, every delicious bite will please your chiropractor in Chattanooga, TN. What’s not to love about that?

Will you transform your St. Patty’s Day?

If you’re a Chattanooga resident, you know that sticking to green foods is an easy way to keep the health ball rolling. Living in Chattanooga means access to a host of farmer’s markets throughout harvest season, so there’s really no excuse for avoiding green foods, even in March. Get all your friends involved in a healthy lifestyle by making next St. Patty’s Day the day to celebrate healthy food!

Will you change the way you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day next year? If so, we want to know your plans! Leave a comment at the bottom of this post to open up the conversation about cooking green.

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