Get Your Body Ready for Fall

Now that it’s October, fall is in full swing. Halloween is around the corner, and then—gasp!—the holidays. We know you’d like to stay healthy during said holidays (who doesn’t?), but have you thought about getting ready for them in the early fall?

Getting your mind around a healthy autumn will help you stay healthy in the Chattanooga holiday season. Go ahead, ask your Chattanooga, TN chiropractor if these tips aren’t a great way to get with it in this cooler season.

Eat Seasonal Food

One of the best mindset changes about food that you can make for your household is to stick to seasonal produce . Not only is this produce going to taste better because it hasn’t had to travel from another continent, but it’s cheaper! So you’ll be doing your body and your wallet a favor by going seasonal. (And we mean eat seasonal year round, not just in the fall!) There are more benefits too, including helping the environment by supporting a food system that uses less gas, and getting more nutrients because the food hasn’t had to sit around as long. Food can be harvested closer to ripeness if it’s sold locally, too. At your local Chattanooga grocery store, start noticing the “sale” produce—it’s probably seasonal!

Eat Autumn Colors

Another smart mindset to adopt is to think about the color of your food, especially produce. The colors of fall are the colors that offer the most vitamins—earthy yellows, reds, oranges, dark greens. So while we’re in fall—when these colors surround as at every store and business— develop the habit of eating the colors of autumn. By the time you reach the holidays, your Chattanooga, TN chiropractor will be pleased to see that your mindset about food has changed to encompass fresh greens, red peppers, yellow squash, orange pumpkin, and a host of other delicious fall-colored produce .

Keep the Summer Momentum

During summer, it was easy to get outside and be active. You probably took some beach walks on vacation, maybe played some church-league softball, picked up a basketball game with buddies around Chattanooga. Once the weather cools down, it’s easy to stop activity and swap it out for the busyness of school starting and prepping for the holidays.

So instead of shutting your door and hunkering down with preparations or errands, keep your summer mindset by getting outside. What came so easily this summer may come harder in the fall, but if you keep it up, again, you’ll develop a habit that your Chattanooga, TN chiropractor will be proud of. Get out of the house each morning for a walk or join a gym so you can stay accountable. This article will give you some great tips on how to transition your activity from summer to fall.

Change with the Season

And finally, our last tip for how to make fall work for the holidays: change with the season. That may sound cliché, but have you ever found yourself doing fall cleaning like we tend to do in spring? Allow yourself to change your mindset as the seasons change, to make different choices than you’ve made all year (or years). Take advantage of the days getting shorter by using the evenings for “me time”—attention to yourself that you don’t usually pay. This will boost your attitude, making everyone around you happier, not to mention yourself! What better way to go into the holidays than as happy and content?

What are your fall readiness tips?

Now that we’re closing in on a holiday devoted to sugar, it’s more important than ever that you remember your health. Follow our tips, and you’ll be ready to stick to your guns when it’s time to start baking—hey, you could even bake some healthy pumpkin pie from a freshly picked pumpkin so everyone gets into it!

What do you like to do in fall that you don’t do in other seasons? Do you have any tips for how to stay healthy in the fall? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below!

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