We Wish You a Healthy Halloween

Yep, you read that right—a healthy Halloween in Chattanooga, not a happy one (not that we don’t hope it’s a happy time!). If you need to avoid the sugar rush for health reasons, or you simply wish to maintain a healthier lifestyle this weekend, you’ve clicked on the right article.

Even though we’ve got lots of holidays that surround food, none is as easy to celebrate with healthy yet festive treats. What do we mean? Keep reading.

Fruit-Based Treats

Nothing makes a Chattanooga, TN chiropractor more proud than seeing his patients make an effort to stay healthy, even during times of national celebration. So to help all you patients of a Chattanooga, TN chiropractor stay on track, why not celebrate with fruit? It’s both naturally sweet and colorful, perfect for using as Halloween snack fodder.

There’s a lot of creative things you can do with fruit to make your Chattanooga Halloween stay fun without processed sugar. For one, oranges. You can make tiny pumpkins out of peeled oranges, small or large, by sticking a short section of celery in the top. Pop some raisins in to add a face for an edible jack-o-lantern. You can do the opposite by hollowing out the peel of an orange and cutting out the traditional jack-o-lantern face (you can add candy inside to make it a perfect little party favor). You can make the perfect little ghosts with half a banana and more raisins (or sugar-free chocolate chips)—ever thought about that? The possibilities may not be endless, but they are vast. Check out a slew of other fruit ideas on this Pinterest board .

Veggie-Based Snacks

Likewise, there are lots of fun ways to make even vegetables appealing for a Chattanooga Halloween. Use your creative powers to turn boring, distasteful veggies into something you and your kids will be happy to eat. If you have a hard time getting enough vegetables in your diet, try making them look like monsters and ghosts!

Pumpkins are a great place to start. They’re already a vegetable. You can gut them and roast the seeds when carving a jack-o-lantern, or you can paint them and bake the flesh for puree after the holiday. You can go full-on Halloween by making these “fingers” with peeled carrot sticks and onions for nails, perfect for a spooky party (and you might have a hard time getting guests to eat them!). Or you could try this veggie skeleton , complete with bell pepper ribs and cabbage hair. Get creative!

Other Healthy Halloween Party Food

You’re not limited to fruits and veg, though. You can stay in the Halloween spirit (pun intended) with all kinds of dinner and dessert foods. Make a “candy corn” quesadilla by subbing in a whole wheat tortilla in this recipe . Or make cheese into something fun with these string-cheese-and-pretzel “witch’s brooms” (scroll down for the English version). Even get in on the dessert section of the table with these gluten-free spiderweb cupcakes . There’s so much you can do.

How do you keep Halloween healthy?

Whether you’re looking to keep Halloween healthy with fruit, veggies, or both, we hope we’ve inspired you to make your Chattanooga Halloween weekend full of fun and well-being—instead of the roller coaster of sugar rushes and crashes. Find more Halloween snack ideas to make your Halloween complete in this Babble post .

How do you like to keep Halloween healthy? Are fruit snacks your go-to? Or are vegetable trays shaped like skeletons more your thing? Leave us a comment to tell us your healthy Halloween plans!

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