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Chronic knee pain can greatly interfere with your life, whether you’re walking, exercising, sitting down or trying to go to sleep. But pain medication and other mainstream medical methods are not the only treatments available to you, and they rarely provide real relief.

Instead, try chiropractic — a natural and safe technique that focuses on the root of the problem, not just symptoms. For knee pain relief in Chattanooga, TN, come to True Wellness Chiropractic, where we focus on holistic and personalized care. Contact us for an appointment with our Chattanooga knee pain experts through our website form or by calling (423) 475-6438.

Why Won’t My Knee Pain Go Away?

You may have experienced some knee pain and thought it would go away. Then it never did, or it went away only to come back again. Now you’re going through chronic knee pain, but don’t know the cause or how to treat it.

Knee pain can show itself for many different reasons, including an injury to the knee or to other parts of the leg or feet, causing the knee to shift or work overtime. Or you could have certain types of arthritis or other conditions. Our knee pain doctor can determine the cause of the pain so we can find the right solution for it.

What Can I Do About the Pain?

Even if you’ve been experiencing chronic knee pain for a long time, it doesn’t mean there is no solution to your pain. In chiropractic care, we have experienced many people who did not find relief from common treatments but found that chiropractic really helped their pain. That is because chiropractic focuses on the problem that is causing the pain instead of focusing only on the symptoms.

At True Wellness Chiropractic, we take it a step further and provide a range of treatment options that allow us to treat your problem in an effective way. At our knee pain clinic, we offer chiropractic manipulation, rehabilitation, massage therapy and other treatment options.

With knee pain, some of our usual techniques, such as spinal adjustments, might not help your problem. In this case, we might offer some other techniques like rehabilitating your knee to strengthen and stretch it, or technology like electrical stimulation. We will perform an initial evaluation where we find the cause of your pain and evaluate problems throughout your body, and then we can come up with an individualized treatment plan for you. And we will discuss treatment options with you before we start anything.

A Personalized Approach from True Wellness Chiropractic

When you come to True Wellness Chiropractic, you will experience a high level of care from a knee pain specialist. Meet our skilled chiropractor: Dr. Jakob Taylor has a D.C. from Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Our chiropractors believe in chiropractic and complementary treatments that are all-natural and truly effective. We also stand by personalized care because the same treatment won’t be right for everybody. Therefore, we will tailor our approach to you.

Make an Appointment to Treat Your Knee Pain

Don’t listen to the doctors that say nothing else can be done for your chronic knee pain. Come see us at True Wellness Chiropractic and try a different approach. Our holistic treatment methods focus on the real cause of your pain and can turn your life around.

When you’re ready for your evaluation, call us at 423-475-6438 or fill out our online form to make an appointment. We’d love to see you walking with ease again!

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