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Lower Back Pain

Many of us experience back pain. Sometimes it’s just an annoying, dull throb in your lower back or maybe tightness in that same region. Sometimes it can be an odd pain in your gluteus or even in your legs which you may not suspect as originating in your spine, although it does. How about while sitting or standing? If any of these symptoms describe your pain, read on.

Lower back pain is a serious problem in America today. An estimated 85% of Americans suffer from severe back pain at some point in their life. Read on to learn more…

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Disc Injuries

Disc injuries can put a person flat on his back for weeks. There are different issues that are common with a disc injury, such as a bulging or ruptured disc. These injuries are normally caused by quick and unsupported movements, such as when lifting an abnormally heavy object, or by powerful stress put on the spine through abrupt movements, repeated over several years.

Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms in the back are common, and are often caused by preexisting issues or injuries but can obviously arise from a new complication as well. Spasms are usually reported to be in the lower back but are actually nondiscriminatory and can occur in just about any muscle in your entire body.


Sciatica is an all too common ailment of the lower back in the U.S. It is caused by damage to the vertebra in the lower spine, disrupting nerve and blood flow to a muscle in on or both legs.

Strains and Sprains

Finally, strains and sprains of the spine and its muscles can cause a great amount of pain. They are usually caused by simple accidents or by exhaustion of a particular muscle, and are usually severe enough to disrupt the normal function of the spine.

Our Approach

We believe to effectively treat lower back pain and sciatica, the first and most critical step in the healing process is to make sure we fundamentally understand the underlying cause at its very core.

How is this done? In our unique process, we start with a thorough consultation so that not only we can understand what may be ailing you, but also so that you understand the issues at hand just as well as our doctors and back pain specialists do. Then, we provide thorough examinations (neurological, orthopedic, chiropractic, and physical) from one of our doctors of chiropractic. From this process, we are able to formulate a recommended treatment program to get you on the road to recovery.

Home Care During Treatment

At home, a patient can do many things to assist in his or her recovery, and even prevent further injury. When followed, these guidelines can become lifesavers:

  • First of all, a patient with a back injury should not sit for a large amount of time. You may not realize it but this is actually doing you a lot of harm. It puts a heavy load on your back, the exact group of muscles we’re trying to relax and facilitate proper healing in.
  • Avoid certain practices that you are accustomed to that put abnormal strain on your back. For instance, avoid moving heavy objects until your chiropractor tells you otherwise.
  • You have a unique situation contrary to our other patients. Considering this, as we move further down the road to recovery, your chiropractor will give you a recommended position to lie down in when you go to sleep or rest. In the meantime, the best thing for you to do is to lie down in such a way that will give you the most pain relief.
  • If you normally have bowel movements that cause a certain amount of strain, consider taking a laxative to ease use of these muscles.
  • You should avoid sitting for large amounts of time until given permission by your chiropractor. However, if you must sit, use a straight backed chair and make sure your posture is erect. Chairs that do not have a straight back or chairs that are soft, provide little support and will not aid in recovery.
  • Try to avoid coarse and unstable ground as well as going down or up stairs.
  • When getting up out of your bed, roll onto the side that is least painful, pull your knees up into your chest and push yourself into a sitting position using your arms. Put your feet on the floor and place your hands on your thighs and stand up. Make sure you back is allowed to be in its most comfortable position.
  • If you need to use heat on your back, your Doctor of Chiropractic (back pain specialist) will let you know. Until then, avoid it.
  • Do your best to not bend when putting on your clothes. When pulling on shoes, pants or socks, there is a natural bend that takes place that you should avoid. When do you bend, avoid bending at the waste. Instead, bend at the knees.

Back pain is neither a joke nor a mere nuisance. It is a serious issue that affects and hampers millions of people. Don’t become one of them. The easiest route to go is to take us up on our free consultation administered by one one of our qualified doctors of chiropractic . There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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