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You might think that you would only visit a chiropractor for a sore back. But in reality, a chiropractor effectively treats much more than that, including injuries or imbalances caused by sports . If you need a sports chiropractor in the Chattanooga area, come see us at True Wellness Chiropractic. We can offer highly trained chiropractors with an emphasis in sports chiropractic care and sports-related injuries. Call our Chattanooga office today to make an appointment.

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Who Can We Treat?

At True Wellness Chiropractic, we can treat any type of athlete from runners and cyclists to wrestlers and baseball, basketball, and football players. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, and no matter your age, ability or type of sport, we will use our chiropractic experience and specialized knowledge in sports injuries to help you get back to the sport you love.

As chiropractors, we focus on preventing and fixing injuries in musculo-skeletal regions and in connective tissues. We also focus on biomechanical imbalances. As you can tell, this fits perfectly into our sports chiropractic care regimine as our trained chiropractors can handle any type of sports injury, in addition to pain, soreness or injuries not caused by sports. So if you have any type of neck, back, shoulder, knee, ankle & joint injuries, you owe it to yourself to come visit us for an evaluation.

Chattanooga Sports Injury Treatment

With sports injuries, we take a multi-tiered approach. It is not only our goal to solve the immediate problem, but we also want to get you involved in your healing process and to help you prevent sports injuries from happening again.

When you enter our Chattanooga sports chiropractic center, first we will determine the problem and its cause, and then we will treat it functionally and biomechanically. Next, we will give you some guidance on working with your injury and how to train during the healing process. Finally, we will give you a plan that you can carry out to prevent sports injuries in the future.

Our expert sports injury doctors in Chattanooga will come up with a specific treatment plan just for you and your particular injury. Your plan can include treatment options such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Hot and cold therapy
  • RockTape, which can help swelling, give you movement and help you heal faster
  • Progressive rehab
  • Other approaches

And we will get you involved in the healing process to help you recover more quickly and so you know how to prevent and handle injuries in the future.

Why Choose True Wellness Chiropractic for Your Sports Injuries?

At our sports chiropractic clinic, we know you have many options when it comes to the treatment of a sports injury in Chattanooga. You could choose a general doctor, a physical therapist or a competing chiropractor. So why choose us? The answer is that we have made athletic injuries one of our specialties. Our sports chiropractors participate in sports themselves and have considerable clinical experience as well. This combination gives us a unique approach of personal and professional knowledge and experience.

In addition, chiropractic care provides a holistic approach that many other types of medical professionals do not offer. So we look at how the body is interconnected and we focus on the source of the problem. Instead of focusing on symptoms with treatment methods like pain relievers and short-term solutions, we provide adjustments and other treatment methods that can give lasting results by targeting the root cause of your pain, not your symptoms.

If you would like to make an appointment so we can look at your particular sports injury, call our Tennessee office today in Chattanooga. We understand how much your sport means to you, and we know you want to get back to it as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you and getting you back on the trail, court or field.

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