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Looking for a wellness center in Chattanooga? Usually “wellness center” indicates a large room with exercise equipment and maybe a personal trainer or two. A wellness center can often be a place that encourages whole-body health, starting with exercise.

Did you know that your chiropractor’s office is also considered a wellness center? Wait just a second, here us out. You may wonder how this can be so, considering that the chiropractor’s office is not the gym. You are right to question this, but the answer is simple: the chiropractor, just like the gym, offers treatment for every part of the body.

The fact is that a chiropractor creates whole body wellness when he adjusts your spine. Not only this but he or she may also integrate other types of wellness into a specific regimen to get you back to your full health, including exercise. Talk about the real whole body experience.

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Chiropractors approach health from a holistic angle. This means that when you see your chiropractor, he is not only concerned about your spine. He looks at your entire body, and he searches for ailments that may be treatable with spinal adjustments.

For example, when you see a chiropractor for the first time, you will need to give a personal medical history. Then you must give a full account of your ailment. If you were injured, how and when did it occur? What symptoms has your entire body suffered after the injury? These sorts of inquiries show the chiropractor the big picture of what is happening in your body.

If an ailment can be linked to the nervous system (and surprisingly almost all can be), then it is probably treatable with a chiropractic adjustment. But that’s not all.

Chiropractors are also qualified to offer lifestyle coaching. They can offer diet advice, even prescribing regimens. They can coach you on physical activity and can even recommend exercises to strengthen your body to prevent future pain.

Chiropractors also often prescribe, recommend, and are even certified to sell vitamins and other natural supplements to help your body recover and maintain health.

So you see, chiropractic is holistic because it looks at your body as a whole. Let’s take a look at these different elements of the chiropractic approach.


Once the chiropractor has determined which ailments you suffer from are linked to the nervous system, he can give you an effective spinal adjustment. During this part of your chiropractic visit, you may lie down on a cushioned table while the chiropractor expertly places his or her fingers on your spine and gently pushes on them. This procedure is important because the pushing moves spinal bones back into alignment. Once the chiropractor has completed the adjustment, you may stand up. Many patients feel immediate relief of pain, especially after the first adjustment.



If your ailment is related to obesity or weak muscles, your chiropractor may recommend an exercise routine. For example, some patients are the right weight for their height, but weak muscles in their back are causing them a lot of pain. Chiropractors are then able to expertly prescribe physical therapy to resolve this issue, and patients have reported that within weeks the pain in their back dissipates. In these cases, weak muscles being strengthened by regular exercise gave their back muscles the strength they needed to remain in alignment.

If you are overweight, your spine feels it. This is why your chiropractor may help you lose a certain amount of weight. The less weight the spine must bear, the easier it is for the spine to recover and stay strong to prevent further



Your chiropractor may ask you about your diet every single time you visit him for an adjustment. This isbecause your diet is just as important as exercise for keeping your body healthy. For example, if you eat too much sugar, your digestive system becomes acidic, adding unnecessary chemicals to the blood stream. Conversely, too much salt increases blood pressure.

A balanced diet is also important for maintaining a proper weight. If you are overweight, your chiropractor may recommend a low-calorie diet so that you lose the pounds that are keeping your body from being able to maintain healing.

Lifestyle Coaching

healthy eating

The combination of adjustments, exercise recommendations and diet advice are together considered lifestyle coaching. Most chiropractors are well versed in lifestyle coaching and may offer it as a part of your recovery routine.

Part of lifestyle coaching may also include posture training to improve your spinal alignment once you leave the office.

It may also include vitamin and other supplement coaching to augment your diet and keep your immune system healthy and strong.

Finding a Wellness Center

If you live in Chattanooga and are interested in finding a chiropractor’s office and attending such a wellness center, start here with us at True Wellness Chiropractic. Our expert chiropractors can offer you a complete health solution to get you back to a pain free lifestyle. Give us a call!

If you are suffering, we encourage you to make a change soon—your health is on the line!

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